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What is the Future Prospect of Laying Hen Farming?

Intelligent farming will become an industry trend

Layering Hen Breeding Model Innovation

It is undeniable that in recent years, the number of small-scale farmers with a breeding scale of laying hen less than 1,000 has been declining, and the family workshop farming method is becoming less and less profitable, and most of them exist in relatively remote places such as villages. The demand around the city has been replaced by tens of thousands of intensive farmers. At present, large-scale farms are under continuous construction, and the development trend of large-scale and intensive development is clear.

What’s more, the laying hen breeding model is also gradually progressing in the direction of refinement and digitization, from the environmental regulation of the chicken farm to the collection and detection of various parameters and automatic regulation. Light environment control, temperature environment control, dust and other air quality control to achieve scientific control of the chicken farm environment as a whole. The stable chicken farm environment has always been maintained in a state suitable for the growth of laying hens, changing the lack of traditional chicken raising based on experience and filling the gaps in the ability to regulate light, air, water and other environments in the breeding program.

Basic concepts of healthy breeding of laying hens

Due to the influence of various factors in traditional laying hen farming, there are some drawbacks, which will lead to a decline in the quality of eggs, which will directly affect its sales and people’s health. For the laying hen farming model, the traditional model must meet the continuous development of the times. Introduce more effective healthy farming techniques. Healthy breeding technology not only conforms to the development of the times, but also puts forward new requirements for the laying hen breeding industry. Through the introduction of scientific theories, technological innovation can be achieved to provide laying hens with more high-quality, green and economical feed, ensure laying hens in a healthy growth environment, and maximize the production capacity of laying hens to provide farmers with more considerable economy value. At the same time, the healthy breeding of laying hens is an effective guarantee for people’s health, which can increase the nutritional value of eggs and form an effective industrialization cycle. When people begin to receive eggs produced by healthy technology breeding, it will inevitably promote the development of the industry. Therefore, the future development trend of laying hen farming industry generally has the following aspects.

laying hen farming

The production of unique eggs

Many consumers in large and medium-sized cities are very optimistic about non-antibiotic eggs. Its price is much higher than that of ordinary eggs. The food source of hens determines the quality of eggs. The growth cycle with balanced and scientifically nutritious food not only ensures the safety of eggs, but also improves the nutritional value of eggs.

Towards a modernized business model

Now laying hen industry has relatively large changes with periodic fluctuations, so it is necessary to move from the traditional management mode to the modern management mode. The automation equipment in the chicken house is all intelligent from feeding, drinking, temperature adjustment to egg picking, packing, and storage.

Standardized management of chicken farms

In this regard, China has formulated corresponding regulations, but there are still irregularities in technical management, such as: disinfection management, treatment of sick and dead chickens, daily management of chicken flocks, environmental management, etc. This is also the place where China’s country’s laying hen breeding is currently backward. Most of the farmers in our country have a low level of education, and their awareness of modern enterprise management concepts and scientific decision-making is relatively weak.

egg collecting machine

Changes in the concept of traditional chicken raising

  1. Change to the comprehensive pursuit of high efficiency.It is necessary to reduce the cost of feeding, and to improve the level of feeding management and disease prevention, pay attention to the ratio of feed to egg, and comprehensively pursue high efficiency.
  2. Transformation to green ecological breeding: According to the demand and quality of eggs in ourcountry, rationally reform the breeding concept to produce green and healthy eggs, thereby increasing the breeding efficiency.
  3. Transform to agricultural industrialization: create high-quality brands, realize large-scale and industrialized operations, and obtain higher returns.
  4. The chicken house adopts the new environmental control technology, which is completed by using the natural ventilation system. The temperature in the chicken house is kept at 26 degrees in summer, 20 degrees in winter, 22 degrees in spring and summer, and the temperature difference does not fluctuate more than 1 degree. Laying hens live in a suitable environment all year round, which reduces the incidence of disease.

Strengthening scientific training and learning

At present, the small-scale operators of laying hens in my country lack scientific technology, so it is necessary to vigorously advocate farmers to organize and scientifically manage scattered farmers. On the other hand, it can form a scale and develop the chicken industry stably.

Focus on improving product quality

  • Strengthen veterinary health management and solve problems from the source.
  • Strictly abide by the withdrawal period to minimize drug residues.
  • Improve the quality of all aspects of egg production, processing and sales.
  • Strengthen the construction of quality inspection system.