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cage free chicken house

Cage free chicken house means raising chicken without the cage, usually adopts “two highs and one low”, that is, the two sides of the racks are higher and the ground in the middle of the chicken house is lower. The middle ground of the chicken house is laid with bedding, and the two sides are 35 cm away from the ground. Chickens drink and get food only on the shelf, most of the manures fall under the shelf, but chickens can touch the manures on the litter, so the management of litter is strict, otherwise it is difficult to control the occurrence of diseases, and the stocking density is generally 4.8 /㎡. This is one of the most important and common method of cage free chicken house.

The main daily tasks of the breeders in the cage free chicken house are feeding foods, picking eggs, repairing chicken house and sterilizing. There is not too high technical content, new staff can be on duty without strict training, easy to manage.

Different types of cage free chicken house

cage free chicken house
Cage Free Chicken House
cage free chicken house
cage free system

Compared with poultry battery cages, cage free chicken house gives chickens more free space. generally speaking, there are mainly three types of cage free chicken houses for farmers to choose from. The most advanced one is cage free chicken house with a slatted floor, the second one is a deep litter house, and the last one is just laying a blanket or something else on the floor. Most farmers would like to choose the slatted floor chicken house or the deep littered house, which is clean and high efficiency, and can raise poultry much easier. 

cage free chicken house with slatted floor

The most advanced cage free chicken house with slatted floor system is made of high-strength, wear-resistant polypropylene, this plastic floor is designed for cage free poultry house to replace wood floor, which is because plastic slatted floor has the advantages of durable, cost effective, bacteria resistant and long lifespan etc. It can separate poultry and manure, create suitable environment for the poultry. What’s more, plastic slatted floor is easy to be installed and to be cleaned.

The cage free house with the plastic slatted floor is suitable for various poultry like layer chicken, broiler chicken, baby chicks, geese, ducks, etc. We can offer different plastic slatted floors with various sizes and hole sizes, tell us the types of your poultry and the quantity and other requirements.


Specification of aGICO plastic slatted floor

Product NameChicken plastic slatted floor
Colornickel white
Weight 2.3kg or 2 kg
Grid size2.3kg or 2 kg        
grid size 20*24 or 16*16mm
Beam materialPVC or FRP
Tube diameter50mm

deep litter house

Not like cage free chicken house with slatted floor for various poultry, deep litter house is mostly suitable for broiler chickens, that is because deep litter can absorb moisture, dilute fecal material, and provide insulation and cushion between the birds and the floor. But deep litter is cheaper than slatted floor. So according to your real situation to choose the most proper cage free poultry house.

For deep litter house, choose the soft materials as bedding is better for your poultry. When the bedding is dirty, just change it, which is easier than cleaning the whole poultry house. 

Come and get your own cage free poultry house!

Cage free poultry house gives your poultry more free space, and it has the advantages of high efficiency, low price, bacteria resistant, long lifespan etc. please get a quote without hesitation! we will offer you wonderful service all the time!