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What is the Future Market of Automatic Layer Chicken Cage?

In recent years, the profit of the chicken industry has continued to be high, and the demand for eggs at home and abroad is very large, so the development trend of the laying hen industry is relatively good, so what is the future of automatic layer chicken cage?

Small-scale farmers generally have a set of facilities, but this kind of small-scale farming does not make much profit and has limitations to a certain extent. On the contrary, large-scale farms have developed rapidly during the same period, and the 500,000-layer project has higher profit than 3000 layer chicken cage. The profits of thousands of laying hens are definitely much higher, and the management is more reasonable and scientific, and the information data is more abundant. At present, the domestic laying hen breeding scale is scattered and the concentration is low, and most chicken farms are still in a small-scale, large-group and non-standard state.

Many farmers prefer integrated equipment when purchasing breeding equipment. Among them, the integrated equipment of automatic layer chicken cage is a more popular one, including automatic feeding system, drinking water system, manure cleaning system and climate controlling system. It is a one-stop solution for processing laying hen and egg collection. What are the characteristics of this equipment?

automatic layer chicken cage

Features of automatic layer chicken cage

  1. Agico has been focusing on the development of automated layer chicken cage since its establishment. After years of R&D and upgrading, the equipment more accurately matches the entire laying hen cage raising process.
  2. The density is suitable, the epidemic prevention is convenient, and the survival rate is high.
  3. The design concept is to improve the comfort and welfare of laying hens, improve the quality of egg production, and bring greater economic benefits to farmers.
  4. The main frame and cage are made of hot-dip galvanized material, which is durable and has a service life of more than 20 years.
  5. Intensive design and advanced control system can fully save energy consumption and improve labor productivity.

The above are the characteristics of the integration of automatic layer chicken cage, hoping to help more farmers solve problems.

Experts predict that large-scale chicken raising will occupy the market in the future, which means that the demand for automatic layer chicken cage will be greater in the future, and the industry will be in a stage of rapid development. Agico, as a manufacturer specializing in automatic layer chicken cage, has many years of experience telling farmers that there are many precautions in choosing layer chicken cage. We hope to be cautious in the selection process. For more questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help every customer.