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H type layer chicken cage

H type Layer Chicken Cage introduction

As its name implies, H type layer chicken cage looks like capital letter“H”. It is used to raise layer chicken in batches. Especially for layer chicken which can lay eggs. H type layer chicken cage is just like A type layer chicken cage, is equipped with full automatic systems. A large number of layer chicken can be raised in one H type layer chicken cage, which reduces the land area and the investment in buildings. Even 2 workers can control one h type layer chicken cage, which saves energy and labour.

Why choose aGICO H type layer chicken cage?

  • H type layer chicken cage occupies smaller places, and has high density feeding, which can save space and raise large number of layer chicken.
  • H type layer chicken cage adopts ISO9001 galvanized steel and aluminum-zinc alloy as raw materials which is anti-corrosive and prolong the layer chicken cage lifespan to 15-20 years.
  • H type layer chicken cage is equipped with egg collecting machine, and there are 9 steel wires at the bottom of the cage, to form a 8 degree slope to guarantee eggs roll smoothly to the egg belt, which ensures the egg breakage rate lower than 0.5%.
  • Our H type layer chicken cage is easy to install and operate, we can offer the installing videos to you as reference or guide you through internet.
  • Crawler type manure removal machine is clean, comfortable and hygienic.
  • There are automatic feeding system, drinking system, climate control system, egg collecting machine and manure cleaning system in the h type layer chicken cage.
  • If customers provide house size, our technicians will draw h type layer chicken cage layout freely.
  • Both the cage meshes and cage leg support frames are made by Q235A steel which ensures the cage meshes give enough elasticity to the layer chicken and make the chicken feel good for laying eggs.
  • What’s more, the smooth Q235 material without cracks can protect chicken feet from staphylococcus caused by injury infection.

Specification of H type layer chicken cage

Type Model Tiers Cell size Set size Capacity Birds/cell Area/bird(cm2) Cage  door
Small Stacked H3L120  3  450*500*410  1800*1000*2200  120  5  450  4 doors/side
Small Stacked H4L160  4  450*500*410  1800*1000*2800  160  5  450  4 doors/side
Advanced European H3L54  3  650*625*500  650*1250*2200  54  9  451.38  1 door/side
Advanced European H4L72  4  650*625*500  650*1250*2850  72  9  451.38  1 door/side
Advanced European H5L90  5  650*625*500  650*1250*3500  90  9  451.38  1 door/side
Advanced European H6L108(3+3)  6  650*625*500  650*1250*4150  108  9  451.38  1 door/side
Advanced European H8L144(4+4)  8 650*625*500 650*1250*6200  144  9 451.38  1 door/side
H type layer chicken cage design

Drinking system of H type layer chicken cage

  • Size: 4M/piece (layer cage) according to their cage length.
  • Diameter: 2.2CM
  • Wall thickness: 2MM
H type layer chicken cage
nipple drinker
  • Classification: Ball valve nipple drinker & spring nipple drinker(price and quality, the former is higher than the latter), the ball valve nipple is not easy to be blocked, and the water output is better.
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel frame legs (material: hot-dip galvanized sheet), not easy to rust.
  • Ball type pressure reducing valve.
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel trough, not easy to rust.

Feeding system of H type layer chicken cage

H type layer chicken cage feeder
H type layer chicken cage feeder

Manure cleaning system of H type layer chicken cage

Manure cleaning machine:  Crawler type.
Power:  2.2*2KW
Advantages:  1.Fully automatic manure cleaning, dry and hygienic.
                         2.Save labor.
                         3.It can remove manure many times a day, which greatly reduces the respiratory diseases of layer chickens.
Components: Front and rear ends, brackets, manure removal belt.

manure cleaning system

Egg collecting machine of H type layer chicken cage

Vertical Egg Collecting machine
Composition: Main machine to collect eggs.
Egg belt.
Egg tray.
Power: 0.75*2pcs kw
Advantages: Fully automated egg collection, saving manpower, efficient and stable

Climate control system of H type layer chicken cage

Fan size: 1.38*1.38*0.45M
Motor power: 1.5KW 
Fan function: Exhaust indoor high temperature, reduce indoor temperature, improve indoor air.
(Add more fans appropriately according to the length and width of the house, the number is best to be an even number)

cooling pads

Size: 2m wide*15cm thick*length can be customized.
Function: Cooling system: reduce indoor temperature and improve indoor air.
                  Humidification system: the wet curtain has the characteristics of water absorption, water resistance, fast diffusion speed, and long-lasting performance. It has long-standing characteristics and is very suitable for adjusting indoor humidity.
                  Filtration system: ventilation and corrosion resistance performance, has the excellent filtering effect.