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Feeding system

Why Automatic feeding system?

It is important to distribute food and water to your poultry in battery cages, that is because proper feeding can determine and affect on the health of the poultry. Usually, there are two types of automatic feeding system, traveling hopper or also called feeding carts and chain feeding system. AGICO can offer both of the two types and AGICO feeding system is widely used in many poultry farms. It is automatic when feeding poultry, no need workers to operate.

feeding system

Like drinking system, automatic feeding system is an indispensable equipment during raising poultry in the battery cages. It can help farmers save time and food, reduce labour cost and improve economic efficiency. Due to the automation of feeding system, it is easy to operate and maintain. Generally speaking, for standard layer chicken cage, it only takes seven or eight minutes to feed hens.

Working principle of feeding system

Add chicken food in feeding hopper by feed silo or conveying pipe connected with the feeding cart, under the action of electricity, feed in hoppers is distributed automatically to the feed trough. Hoppers will go and come back from the beginning of the battery cage to the end.

After many years of experience, AGICO has developed different kinds of feeding system for various battery cages. For example, feeding carts for A type battery cage and automatic chain feeding system for H type battery cage.

feed trough

Automatic feeding system components

Usually feeding system contains bracket, down feed system, walking output system, walking system, feed capacity adjust system, electrical system. The main feed trough has two types, plastic PVC type and hot galvanized steel sheets feed trough. They both are high quality, the length is according to the real design of different battery cages. The two feed trough design are convenient to clean, solid and durable, has long lifespan.

AGICO two types feeding machine

Gantry type feeding machine

  • Beam: 6.5*0.7*0.26m/group(two feeders size)= 1.2M³
  • Column: 1.2*0.2*1.6m = 0.4M³
  • Hopper: 0.80*0.70*0.92m = 0.55M³
track of feeding machine
track of feeding system

Newly feeding machine

  • Components: hopper, track, main engine, front and rear end, electric feeding tube.

  • Advantages: occupies fewer land and save space, uniform feeding, health.

feeding system silo