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poultry cage

We offer high quality battery cage system in poultry, include layer chicken cage, broiler cage, pullet cage, baby chick cage, quail cage etc. Come and get now!
Our battery cage system mainly contains A type and H type, not only layer chicken, but also broiler or baby chick, can feed all kinds of chicken easily!

Hot sale A type layer chicken cage with high quality

We offer high quality a type layer chicken cage with automatic feeding system, drinking system, climate controlling system, manure cleaning system and egg collecting machine,  that help customers to raise chicken easily, come and buy a type layer chicken cage now!

high quality h type layer chicken cage for poultry

H type layer chicken cage for sale! It is suitable for big scale poultry raising, for example, at least 5000 birds or even more. H type layer chicken cage can save space and has high efficiency. We offer tiers form 3-8, can meet different requirements.

A type broiler cage, your reliable broiler cage for your farm!

We offer high quality A type broiler cage. This cage can raise more broiler chicken once. Easy to install and low price, can ensure the meat quality and make sure higher survival rate of broilers. Come and get one!

H Type Broiler Cage with Full-automatic Accessory Equipment

We offer broiler cage of H type with automatic accessory equipment. We have many successful projects in different countries all over the world.  Use H type broiler cage can  feed broilers easily and quickly.

A type pullet cage, suitable for small scale farm

A type pullet cages, is used to raise pullet until layer chicken, then layer chicken cage is suitable. We offer  A type pullet cages with capacity under 3000 birds, welcome to order!

h type pullet cage with automatic poultry equipment

We offer H type pullet cage with the capacity of above 5000 birds or more. It adopts Q235 as raw materials, which reduces disease and death rate of pullet. Easy to manage and control pullets. And put pullets in pullet cages is easy to protect pullets from epidemics.

Hot sale baby chick cage, give you high profits

We supply high quality baby chick cage with A type and H type. Using AGICO baby chick cage can make you manage and look after the chicks carefully, and can provide a hygienic breeding environment for your chicks, come on and purchase baby chick cage now!

Quail Cage, One-Stop Service for Your Poultry Farm

AGICO offers quail cage with one stop service, other poultry cages are also provided like layer chicken cage, broiler cage, pullet cage etc.