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A type broiler chicken cage

Introduction of A Type Broiler Cage

Raising broiler is mainly for eating meat. So generally speaking, broiler cage is a transitional period, it is used to raise broiler. The broilers grow very fast and are ready for sale at about 12 weeks.

A type broiler cage is convenient to clean and easy to operate. What’s more, A type broiler cage offer a comfortable life environment to broilers with reasonable design and can be used for a long time.

sample of a type layer cage
New a type layer chicken cage

How to choose suitable A Type Broiler Cage?

First, tell us which country are you in, if you have enough space, what’s your plan for building broiler cages? How many broiler do you have? Then our stuff will give you helpful advice on raising broilers, we provide house design and layout drawing for free.

A type broiler cage is suitable for raising broilers from 4000 to 10000 birds. Like layer chicken cage, we suggest you to build broiler cage with automatic or semi automatic feeding system, drinking system, climate control system and manure cleaning system. With these automatic or semiautomatic accessory equipment, it is convenient to raise more broiler once and save labour. For example, with manure cleaning system, the broiler manure can be removed timely, which can reduce spread of disease.

Layout drawing of A type broiler cage

A type broiler cage drawing
a type broiler cage
A type broiler drawing

Features of A type broiler cage

  1. Generally 3,4,Tiers are available. 
  2. Q235 double cold galvanized or hot-dip galvanizing process which is anti-corrosion and durable.
  3. White PVC feed trough and PVC pipe.
  4. Closed end pressure reducer.
  5. Al-Zn material feeding system and manure cleaning system.
  6. Advanced ventilation system, lighting system and environment controlling system.

Specification of A type broiler cage

TypeTiersCell Size(mm)Cage Size(mm)Capacity/set

advantages of A type broiler cage

  • A type broiler cage adopts better carbon content as the metal wire raw material, which has high hardness and high elastic deformation, make the broiler cage mesh no deformation and can has a long lifespan.
  • Feeding, watering, and manure cleaning system are all can be automated to save labor cost.
    Reasonable design of cage net is more suitable for the growth environment of broiler, with good ventilation and lighting.
  • High density feeding, which has the features of saving space, convenient management, good economic benefits etc.
  • AGICO unique bottom mesh for broiler standing, flexible and the broiler feels more comfortable, which can make broiler grow faster and offer high quality meat.
  • AGICO A type broiler cage is easy to install. We offer broiler cage installation video.
    The most but not least, we provide free layout design service according to customers’ real situation.

Accessory Equpment Details of A type Broiler Cage

nipple drinker
Nipple Drinker
cooling pads
Climate control system
feeding system
Feeding System
manure cleaning system
fan and manure cleaning system
Manure conveying machine
Manure Conveying Machine