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Issues about Battery Cage for Layers You Should Know

three types of cage nets for battery cage for layers:

Generally speaking, there are currently three types of cage nets for battery cage for layers:

The size of the first cage net is 1950mm*410mm*450mm, each cage is divided into five grids, each grid can breed 4 chickens, and each group can breed 160 chickens on four layers.

The size of the second type of cage net is 1800mm*410mm*500mm, each cage is divided into four grids, each grid can raise 5 chickens, and each group of four layers can breed 160 chickens.

The size of the third cage net is 1800mm*430mm*600mm, each cage is divided into four grids, each grid can breed 6 chickens, and each group of four layers can breed 192 chickens.

battery cage for layers

material of battery cage for layers

The cage wire is made of cold-drawn galvanized wire. There are three types of galvanizing processes: hot-dip galvanizing, cold galvanizing, and hot-dip galvanizing wire. Among them, the most durable is hot-dip galvanizing, which has a strong anti-corrosion function. Of course, the price you need to pay is also the highest, and you can choose the most suitable one according to your own needs. This cage can be used for about 10-20 years depending on the galvanizing process.

The bottom net and the partition net all adopt the encrypted net, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of pecking the feathers and anus of the laying hens. The slope of the bottom net is generally 7%-8%. According to multiple experiments, the egg breaking rate is reduced with a high probability.

The cage door adopts a horizontal door design to enlarge the space as much as possible to facilitate farmers’ usual behaviors such as catching chickens and epidemic prevention etc. In addition, a V-shaped water tank is added directly below the water line to prevent the water from leaking from the drinker and dripping water onto the chicken body and manure belt.

The automatic feeder adopts a precise feeding system, which can accurately cut the feeding amount to within grams, and the feeding is uniform, which can effectively save the feed.

Things should know about battery cage for layers

In the past two years, battery cage for layers has gradually entered the attention of major farmers, and the old-fashioned ladder layer cage is also slowly being phased out. It has the advantages of uniform cutting, less floor space and good ventilation. And it can complete the whole process of chicken manure without falling to the ground. With the automatic egg picking machine and the central egg collecting machine, the egg picking can easily complete all the egg collection just by standing in the egg bank. Only two people can easily raise 50,000 chickens. At present, fully enclosed chicken houses are on the rise. Although the price is a little higher, it saves the land area to the greatest extent. Finally, the saved building area and building materials can also make up for the difference in the cascading price.