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Commercial Rabbit Cages

commercial rabbit cage
  • Product Name: Galvanized Automatic Commercial Rabbit Breeding Cages
  • Type/Main usage: Rabbit breeding cages, mother rabbit, rabbit breeding
  • Material: Q235 steel wire/Plastic
  • Size/Tier: Customized according to requirements
  • Function: Automatic systems in drinking, feeding, manure cleaning, environment control system
  • Uselife: More than 25 years

Commercial Rabbit Breeding Cages for sale

We all know that rabbits run very fast, so it is important for rabbit breeding owners to raise rabbit intensively, in such a condition, commercial rabbit cages appeared. Not only commercial rabbit cages can make rabbit breeding easily, but also rabbit can live comfortably in commercial rabbit cages.

AGICO is a manufacturer and supplier of commercial rabbit cages. Commercial rabbit cages are essential for rabbit farming, offering a structured environment for raising rabbits efficiently. These cages are customized to meet the needs of large-scale rabbit production. Commercial rabbit cages offer several advantages for both small-scale and large-scale rabbit farming.

We can provide 2 tiers rabbit cages, 3 tiers rabbit cages and 4 tiers rabbit cages with 9.12.18 or 24 doors for commercial rabbit meat production. Besides commercial rabbit cages, we also offer poultry cages like chicken layer cage, quail cages, broiler chicken cage etc.

commercial rabbit cages
commercial rabbit cages
commercial rabbit cage details
scientific rabbit cages rabbit breeding model

Why choose Commercial Rabbit Cages?

Rabbit cages are vital in commercial farming due to their role in improving space utilization, facilitating health management, and enhancing overall productivity. They also provide a safe and secure environment for rabbits, reducing stress and promoting healthy growth.

24 Cell Commercial Rabbit Cage Drawing
24 Cell Commercial Rabbit Cage Drawing
rabbit cage design
rabbit cage design

Scientific Production Model of AGICO Rabbit Cages

AGICO has its own scientific production model for rabbit cages, namely ensure that a batch of breeding rabbits mate, give birth to baby rabbits, nurse, and are re-bred at the same time, while the baby rabbits grow to become breeding rabbits in the same cage, repeating the cycle continuously, with reproduction occurring simultaneously every 42 days. This model is considered the most scientific method of producing rabbits.

Taking two sets of rabbit cages as an example (Group A for breeding rabbits, Group B for commercial rabbits). In Group A, there are 24 cages for rabbits. The lower tier is used for the nursing mother rabbits, these rabbits are pregnant. The upper tier is used for mother rabbits and replacement rabbits, they are not pregnant.When the nursing mother rabbits in Group A wean their baby rabbits, only the baby rabbits are retained, and all breeding rabbits are moved to Group B (pregnant rabbits identified after mating are placed in the lower tier, rabbits who are not pregnant are placed in the upper tier, those needing to be culled are removed, and newly introduced replacement mother rabbits are placed in the upper tier, following the initial setup of Group A). The baby rabbits left in the lower tier of Group A are ideally 8 baby rabbits per litter × 12 litters, with 3 baby rabbits in the upper tier and 5 baby rabbits in the lower tier, utilizing all cages in Group A. After approximately 30 days, the baby rabbits or called commercial rabbits grow up and are taken out of the rabbit cages, and the cages are cleaned and disinfected. The nursing mother rabbits from Group B are then transferred back to Group A, and the cages in Group B repeat the same breeding method as Group A.

Rabbit breeding cages
Commercial Rabbit Breeding Cages

Efficient Space Utilization

Commercial rabbit cages can save your space. Commercial rabbit cages are designed to maximize the use of available space. They can be stacked vertically, allowing farmers to house more rabbits in a given area compared to traditional rabbit hutches.

Improved Hygiene and Health

Commercial rabbit cages are often equipped with waste collection systems that help keep the living environment clean. This reduces the risk of disease and parasite infestations, leading to healthier rabbits.

Ease of Management

Commercial cages are designed for easy access, making feeding, cleaning, and handling the rabbits more convenient. This can significantly reduce labor time and effort.

Better Monitoring and Control

Individual cages allow for closer monitoring of each rabbit’s health and behavior. It becomes easier to identify and isolate sick rabbits, preventing the spread of diseases.

rabbit cage footboard
Commercial Rabbit Cage Footboard
rabbit cages welding
Commercial Rabbit Welding


While the initial investment might be higher, the long-term benefits such as reduced disease outbreaks, lower maintenance costs, and increased productivity make commercial rabbit cages a cost-effective choice.

Durability and Longevity

Our commercial rabbit cages are typically made from durable materials like galvanized steel or plastic-coated wire, which can withstand wear and tear, as well as resist rust and corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan about 15-25 years.

Enhanced Productivity

By providing a controlled environment with proper ventilation, lighting, and temperature, commercial rabbit cages can improve the overall productivity and breeding efficiency of the rabbits.


The special commercial rabbit cages design provides a safe environment for rabbits, protecting them from predators and harsh weather conditions, which is especially important in outdoor setups. Many commercial cages are designed to comply with animal welfare standards and regulations, helping farmers adhere to best practices and avoid legal issues.

Rabbit Cages for Baby Rabbit with Nesting Box
Rabbit Cages for Baby Rabbit with Nesting Box

Commercial Rabbit Cages Accessories

Commercial Rabbit Cage Water Pipe
Commercial Rabbit Cage Water Pipe
Commercial Rabbit Cage Floor
Commercial Rabbit Cage Floor
Commercial Rabbit Cage Feeder
Rabbit Cage Manure Cleaning System
Rabbit Cage Manure Cleaning System
Commercial Rabbit Cage Nesting Box and Feeder
Rabbit Cage Nesting Box and Feeder
Rabbit Cage Feeding System
Rabbit Cage Feeding System

Commercial Rabbit Cages Production process

Commercial Rabbit Cages Specification

Product24-cell European Type Commercial Rabbit Cage
Mother Cage Capacity24 position
Nest Box Capacity18 position
Size/set2.4m*2.1m (2 tiers-2 sides ; 24 cell-12 cell/side)
Dimension of a Single Cage600×385mm
Nest Box Dimension 385*270*350mm
Accessoriesfeeder, plastic slat floor, giving birth box, nipple drinker, water line, manure plate, one frame, and one side mesh