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What is poultry battery cage?

Poultry battery cage, also called battery cage, is a house used to raise various animals, especially for egg laying chicken. Because of the arrangement of rows and columns of identical cages connected together, the name of battery cage arose. Farmers who want to make sure the life quality of their poultry and get higher profits can adopt poultry battery cage for their poultry, which achieves high efficiency and scientific breeding.

With the help of poultry battery cage, farmers can feed their poultry easily and efficient. It can save labour and reduce the cost of space and input. AGICO is a professional poultry battery cage manufacturer. We mainly offer A type and H type poultry battery cage for customers to choose for their layer chickens, broilers, baby chicks and some other poultry.

poultry battery cage for sale

AGICO supplies A type and H type poultry battery cage for sale. Our technicians can help customers to design the proper size of battery cage according to customers’ farm house for free. We also offer remote guidance through computer or telephone. You can trust us because we have many successful projects in different countries. 

egg collecting machine

A type poultry battery cage

Various A type poultry battery cage for sale, with high quality and proper price. We offer A type poultry battery cage for layer chickens, broilers, pullets, baby chicks etc. You can choose the most suitable A type poultry battery cage according to the real situation!

H poultry battery cage

h type poultry battery cage

H type poultry battery cage for sale! We have high quality H type poultry battery cage for sale. A large number of  poultry can be raised in one H type battery cage, which reduces the land area and the investment in buildings. Generally, H type battery cage is equipped with automatic drinking system, feeding system, climate controlling system and manure cleaning system.

poultry battery cage specifications

AGICO offers poultry battery cage of different types and sizes. We provide customized service about various battery cages according to clients’ requirements, for example, the budget clients want to put into battery cage industry, their farm house area, which raw materials they prefer to, the climate of customers’ country etc. 

Item No. Cell Length Cell Depth Cell Height  Dimension/Unit(Mm)  Cells/Unit Per Set  Tier/Set  Birds Per Cell/ Unit/Set
 A390  390  350  380  1950*350*380  5/6  3  3/15/90
 A396  490  350  380  1960*350*380  4/6  3  4/16/96
 A4120  390  350  380  1950*350*380  5/8  4  3/15/20
 A4128  490  350  380  1960*350*380  4/8  4  4/16/128
 A3120  430  420  410  2150*420*410  5/6  3  4/20/120
 A4160  430  420  410  2150*420*410  5/8  4  4/20160
 A3150  430  500  430  2150*500*430  5/6  3  5/25/150
 A4200  430  500  430  2450*500*430  5/8 4  5/25/200

A type poultry battery cage

A type broiler cage
A Type Battery Cage
A type layer chicken cage
A Type Battery Cage
Tiers 3 4 5 6 7 8
Height(mm) 2200 2850 3500 4800 5450 6100
Width(mm) 1250 1250 1250 1250 1250 1250

H type poultry battery cage

H type pullet cage
H Type Battery Cage
h TYPE layer chicken cage
H Type Battery Cage
   A type2.0m x 2.4m x 1.46m/2.15m/2.4m/1.46m
   H type1.4m x 0.7m x 1.2m/1.4m/0.7m/1.65m
A Type Poultry Battery Cage
A Type Broiler Chicken Cage
H Type Broiler Chicken Cage

advantages of poultry battery cage

Come and get your own poultry battery cage!

Supplying various poultry cages, especially battery cage system, layer chicken cage! Want to get more information about AGICO poultry battery cage, please contact us without any hesitation! we will offer customers high quality poultry cage with factory price!

Why AGICO poultry battery cages?

Rich export experience

AGICO has more than 20 years of pultry battery cage export experience! Our battery cage for sale export to more than 20 countries!

One-stop service

AGICO offers one-stop service from designing to installing poultry battery cage, customers can avoid purchase risk to a great extent due to our pre-sale, on-sale, after-sale services!

high quality equipment

All poultry battery cage has high quality, with hot-dipped galvanized steel Q235 as raw material!

Reasonable Price

AGICO poultry cage has reasonable price compared with other poultry battery cage manufacturers, which maximize the economic benefits of farmers!

Strict quality control

Quality poultry battery cage with CE and ISO certification. We implement quality monitoring throughout the whole process!

customized serivice

AGICO can customize special poultry cage according to customers' requirement. The layout design is for free!

Various Models

We have various models of poultry battery cage, layer chicken cage with A type and H type, broiler cage with A type and H type, quail cage etc.!

After sale service

Customers enjoy a one-year gurantee period. In addition, we also provide customers with full process technical support!