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Egg grading machine

What is egg grading machine?

Egg grading machine, also called egg grader machine or egg sorter machine, is used to sort eggs into different grade by weight. AGICO offers various models of egg grading machine with different capacity and materials according to customers requirements.

egg grading machine
egg grading machine diagram

Egg grading machine is suitable for poultry farm, egg processing factory or egg producing factory etc. Not only chicken egg, but also duck eggs, goose eggs or any other eggs can be sorted by our egg grading machine.

AGICO egg grading machine consists of eggs groove, eggs conveying belts, eggs grader and filtrating floor. It has the features of high efficiency, very practical, and high processing technology. For deep egg processing equipment, egg grading machine can realize the deep processing of eggs.

egg grading machine

What is egg grading machine?

  • The material is high quality stainless steel, which has high durability and is corrosion-resistant.
  • Equipped with color touchscreen PLC control system and can sort eggs into maximum of 5 grades, using an electronic sensor weighing scale with accuracy ±1g.
  • It is easy to operate and clean. And can be connected with the automatic egg conveyor, egg testing, egg washing, egg packing device.
  • AGICO egg grading machine has a long service lift because of the professional design that can strengthen the spar parts.
egg grading machine

Working principle of egg grading machine

  1. Workers put the eggs onto the conveying and sequence collating belt manually or egg lifter(optional).
  2. The belt transport eggs into the candling part, where transmitted light penetrates eggs, so that workers can select the cracked eggs, stale eggs and mildewed eggs.
  3. After the candling section, the rest good eggs are transported onto the mechanical egg weighing scale, where eggs are divided into different grades according to the weight.
  4. Different grade eggs fall onto different channels on the egg collecting belt, then workers can collect eggs from different channels and put them into different egg trays.
select eggs with egg grading machine