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Manure cleaning system

Why automatic manure cleaning system?

We all know, the manure is common during raising poultry in the battery cages, it is necessary to remove manure timely in order to keep the battery cage clean and reduce the disease of poultry. So automatic manure cleaning system is necessary. With the help of manure cleaning system, poultry manure is cleaned quickly, not only reduce the amount of labor required but also help to maintain a good indoor air environment, which can offer poultry a good living condition.

AGICO manure cleaning system is suitable for different scales of poultry farm, not only battery chicken cage, but also quail cage, rabbit cage etc. Also no matter in close or open farm, AGICO manure cleaning system is applicable.

For A type battery cage, only one manure cleaning system is enough, just in the bottom of the whole battery cage, prepare a manure pit under the cage. But for H type battery cage, each tier need a manure cleaning system.

manure cleaning machine

Advantages of the manure cleaning system

  • AGICO manure cleaning system has a wide application, including various poultry cages.
  • Manure is cleaned efficiently, saving labor costs.
  • The manure cleaning system is easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • Each machine set works for one to four lines, and costs much less than the average belt system.
H battery cage manure cleaning
manure cleaning system

How manure cleaning system works?

Scraper type manure cleaning system is designed for A type battery cages, scraper connects with the rope, the rope connects with the electric motor, the manure dropping from the cages into the manure pits, when turn on the electric motor, the manure scraper will go from the beginning of the manure belt to the end, and collect the manure from the manure pits to the outside of the chicken house.

After cleaning manure with manure cleaning system, we offer manure drying machine if customers have the needs.

Two manure cleaning machines

Pull type (scraper manure cleaning)

  • Power: 2.2 kw
  • Size: 3 tiers/row, 4 tiers/row, each raw equipped with one manure cleaning machine, if customers want one machine to control two rows, the length doesn’t exceed 80 meters.
  • Advantages: low cost and easy to operate.

Crawler manure cleaning machine

  • Power: 1.5KW, 2.2*2KW
  • Advantages: automatic cleaning manure, keep dry and health. Save labor cost. Can clean manure many times each day, and greatly reduce respiratory diseases of chickens.