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Climate controlling system

What is climate controlling system?

Generally speaking, climate controlling system mainly refers to ventilation system and temperature controlling system. For poultry farmers, to keep the proper temperature and humidity of the house is quite important.

The longitudinal design used for cooling-fan ventilation is the most economical and effective way to reduce the temperature of chicken houses in summer.

climate controlling system

AGICO climate controlling system specification

Exhaust fan

  • Size: 1.38*1.38*0.45M
  • Power: 1.1KW  (1.38*1.38*0.45M)
  • Function: Exhaust indoor high temperature, reduce indoor temperature, improve indoor air.
    (Add more fans appropriately according to the length and width of the house, the number is best to be an even number).

Cooling pad

Size: 2m wide*15cm thick*length can be customized.

  • Cooling system: reduce indoor temperature and improve indoor air.
  • Humidification system: the wet curtain has the characteristics of water absorption, water resistance, fast diffusion speed, and long-lasting performance. It has long-standing characteristics and is very suitable for adjusting indoor humidity.
  • Filtration system: ventilation and corrosion resistance performance, has the excellent filtering effect.

Cooling pads allocation: (house length*house width)/20=cooling pads area for A type battery cage                                                   (house length*house width)/15=cooling pads area for H type battery cage

Working principle of climate controlling system

Exhaust fan and cooling pad are the main components of the climate controlling system, cooling pads are installed on one side of the chicken house, ventilation system like exhaust fan is installed on the other side. When the air in the chicken house is needed to cool down, the control system of fan will start, heat is absorbed mostly by water evaporation. In this way temperature is reduced. The more water that is evaporated, the greater the reduction in temperature.

The indoor air is forced out and build up the negative pressure, The cooling pad is used together with the exhaust fan. The system draws incoming air through the cooling pad, which is positioned at the inlet of the ventilation system.

Corrugated paper in the cooling pad is key to the humidification and cooling system. The drier the air is at a relatively low humidity, the greater the ability of the cooling pad will be for evaporation to take place.

Generally, humidity will be low during the hottest time of the day, when cooling is needed. At this time the air can be cooled several degrees.

3D design of cooling pad and fan working