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general poultry cage

For battery cage system, the whole poultry farming equipment is necessary, we offer feeding system, drinking system, manure cleaning system and climate control system!

We are one of the professional poultry equipment manufacturers, offering poultry farming equipment with high quality and low price!

drinking system for poultry battery cage

AGICO drinking system can provide fresh and clean water for poultry, both A type and H type battery cage have corresponding drinking system.

Feeding System For battery Cages, Used to Feed Poultry Easily

Feeding system for poultry cages, is used to feed poultry easily, can save labor, save fodder, high efficiency and low cost.

Automatic Manure Cleaning System for Battery Cages

Automatic manure cleaning system, used for cleaning and removing manure to outside of the battery cages. Welcome to have a look!

qualified climate controlling system for sale

Climate controlling system, ensures proper temperature and humidity in the house of raising poultry with the battery cages.

egg processing equipment, to collect eggs efficiently

We offer professional high quality egg processing equipment, like egg collecting machine, egg grading machine at a reasonable price, come and purchase now!