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Baby chick cage

Baby Chick cage Introduction

Baby chick mainly refers to baby egg laying chicken, generally, chickens that are between 0 and 50 days are called chicks, the mesh size of layer chicken cage is so large for baby chick that special baby chick cage is necessary to rear them. Like layer chicken cage, broiler chicken cage and pullet cage, baby chick cage has H type and A Type. AGICO baby chick cage is mainly adopting H type, this is because H type baby chick can save land and has high automation.

baby chick cage

Baby chick can be raised from 0 to 6 or 7 weeks in baby chick cages, then pullet cages is suitable. Generally speaking, according to different raw materials and climate of customers’ countries, the lifespan of baby chick cage is from 5 years up to 20 years.

H type baby chick cage design
H type baby chick cage from 3 to 8 tiers design

Sometimes, baby chick cage is also called brooder cage, it can increase the feeding density, our H type baby chick cage can raise 400 one day old baby chick once. It can also save land and construction area, and improve the chicks’ survival rate and feed efficiency.

baby chick cage
baby chick cage

Specifications of a type baby chick cage

TypeSize(L×W×H)Size of the nest Nests per SetChicks per Nest Chicks per Set
 A type 3 tier 3 door2.0×2.4×1.46m 0.65*0.5*0.35m 18 12 216
 A type 4 tier 4 door2.15×2.4×1.46m 0.54*0.5*0.35m 24 10 240

Specifications of h type baby chick cage

Tiers Area per chick(cm2) Birds/net Size of single door  Height between tiers(cm)
3 310 12 600*620*420 680
4 310 12 600*620*420 680
5 310 12 600*620*420 680
6 310 12 600*620*420 680
TypeSize(L×W×H)Size of the nest Nests per SetChicks per Nest Chicks per Set
 H type 3 tier 2 door1.4×0.7×1.2m 0.7*0.7*0.3m 6 19 114
 H type 4 tier 2 door1.4×0.7×1.65m 0.7*0.7*0.3m 8 19 152

Components of baby chick cage

The breeding environment of the baby chick is quite important, so choose the right baby chick cage is also significant. AGICO baby chick cage is the patented product. The mainly components are cage frame, water pipe, nipple drinker, pressure reducer, dropping board and so on.

hot galvanized feed trough
Hot galvanized feed trough
pressure reducer
Pressure reducer
Water pipe
Water pipe
white pvc feed trough
White PVC feed trough

Using AGICO baby chick cage can make you to manage and look after the chicks carefully, and at the same time can provide a hygienic breeding environment for your chicks, so come on and to purchase baby chick cage now!