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Poultry Cage

We supply different poultry cages, especially battery cage system, or also called layer chicken cage. They are high quality! Welcome to our factory to have a look!

Battery Cage System

Our battery cage system mainly contains A type and H type, not only layer chicken, but also broiler or baby chick, can feed all kinds of chicken easily!

Poultry equipment

For battery cage system, the whole poultry equipment is necessary, we offer feeding system, drinking system, manure cleaning system and climate control system!

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who we are

For more than 20 years, we have been committed to the research, development, design, production, and installation of battery cage systems. AGICO offers customers a variety of poultry cages , which are usually equipped with automatic feeding system, manure cleaning system, egg collection system, drinking system, temperature control system, etc.

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Professional poultry cage or battery cage system manufacturer, we offer all kinds of poultry cages, especially layer chicken cage, we can be trusted because of our perfect service and high quality poultry equipment. Come and contact us to own your battery cage system!


We Provide excellent services for farmers

We have excellent services not only before you purchase our poultry cage, but also after purchasing. We offer one-stop service from designing to installing battery cage system, our experienced staff will help you to install your own layer chicken cage on site, and we can solve your any questions on time with our 24/7 service.

Advantages of AGICO poultry cages

Rich export experience

AGICO has more than 20 years of battery cage system export experience! Our battery cage system export to more than 20 countries!

One-stop service

AGICO offers one-stop service from designing to installing battery cage system, customers can avoid purchase risk to a great extent due to our pre-sale, on-sale, after-sale services!

high quality equipment

All battery cage systems have high quality, with hot-dipped galvanized steel Q235 as raw material!

Reasonable Price

AGICO poultry cage has reasonable price compared with other battery cage system manufacturers, which maximize the economic benefits of farmers!

Strict quality control

Quality battery cage system with CE and ISO certification. We implement quality monitoring throughout the whole process!

customized serivice

AGICO can customize special poultry cage according to customers' requirement. The layout design is for free!

Various Models

We have various models of battery cage system, layer chicken cage with A type and H type, broiler cage with A type and H type, quail cage etc.!

After sale service

Customers enjoy a one-year gurantee period. In addition, we also provide customers with full process technical support!

To know further information or get quotation directly? Contact us 24/7 at 86-18937276336 or via our contact form.


Supplying various poultry cages, especially battery cage system, layer chicken cage!

Want to get more information about AGICO battery cage system, please contact us without hesitation! we will offer customers high quality poultry cage with low price!

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This mainly depends on two aspects, one is the house dimension or farm land dimension. The other is the type of your chicken: layer, broiler, pullet or baby chick.

AGICO battery cage system usually has lifetime of 15-20 years because of different raw materials. We offer one year guaranty period to all the poultry cage.

Generally speaking, we have two types, A type battery cage and H type layer cage. Each type has different tiers, from 3 to 9 tiers. We can design the most suitable layout for layer chicken cage for free according to your situation.

AGICO delivery time is about 30 days if we have stock cages for your urgent requirement. For big orders, after the deposits received, poultry cages will be delivered within 60 working days. What’s more, we have free samples.