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How to reduce dust in caged chicken houses?

Cleaning and control methods of dust in caged chicken houses

The environment of the chicken farm is related to the growth of the chicken flock, and the problem that is difficult to avoid in the chicken farm is dust. The dust in the chicken farm mainly comes from the dust in the caged chicken house, as well as the fallen feathers, feed powder, etc. These dust not only affect the staff in the chicken house, but also have a great impact on the health of the chicken flock, so how to reduce dust in caged chicken house? Let’s take a look at the specific methods.

Ways to reduce chicken house dust

1. Ground Watering

The most dusty place in the chicken house is the ground. Sprinkling water on the ground can prevent the ground from flying. In fact, if you want to raise chickens well, chicken farmers must treat the chicken house as their own home. It is to sweep first and then drag, and the same can be done in the chicken house, but the chicken house does not need to be swept. After all, the chicken house has a lot of dust. Sweeping will cause dust to fly. We can sprinkle water and then drag it directly, which can effectively reduce dust. It is best to add disinfectant when mopping the floor, which can not only reduce dust but also reduce pathogenic microorganisms in the house.

2. Spray Treatment

We can use water sprinklers to reduce dust on the ground, but how to solve the above-ground parts and the air dust in the chicken house? We can solve it by spraying. Now many chicken farms have fog lines, and use fog line spray to remove dust in the air. Press down, not only can clean the dust in the air but also purify the air quality in the house, while spraying can also add disinfectant.

cleaning chicken house
cleaning chicken house

3. Reduce the Breeding Density

The higher the breeding density, the more dust. In order to effectively reduce the dust in the chicken house, we can appropriately reduce the density and also reduce the dust content in the house. After all, a lot of dust comes out of the chickens, such as feathers, feed powder, etc. But this should also take into account the overall breeding efficiency.

4. Clean the Chicken House Often

Dust does not appear at once, it accumulates over time, so it is a long-term continuous process to reduce dust. In the process of raising chickens, we should not only clean the chicken house frequently, but also clean the outside environment frequently. There is less dust outside, and the dust inside the house will naturally decrease.

Now that it has entered spring and summer, the dust is getting more and more, and even with bacteria, diseases will break out. For the healthy growth of chickens, the first thing chicken farmers have to deal with is the problem of dust in the chicken house. Must be serious and rigorous.

cleaning chicken house