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What’s the feature of automatic chicken raising equipment?

In recent years, there are more and more fully automatic chicken raising equipment, it has appeared as an auxiliary chicken raising equipment. There are many types of automated chicken raising equipment, but different equipment can help farmers to complete different chicken raising tasks, which is very convenient and fast, so automatic chicken raising equipment such as battery cage becomes more and more popular among the farmers. Then what are the features of automatic chicken raising equipment? The following is the most common characteristics of automatic chicken raising equipment.

fully automatic chicken cage sample

Main characteristics of automatic chicken raising equipment

  1. The fully automatic chicken raising equipment is cascading breeding, the number of layers can be selected, up to 8 layers, the breeding density per unit space is very high, the breeding output is large, and the benefits can be reasonably doubled.
  2. Automatic feeding and drinkingsystem, saving manpower, improving labor productivity, and improving the ratio of egg to fodder.
  3. The automatic chicken raising equipment can automatically collect eggs and reduce labor costs.
  4. Conveyor-type automatic manure removal saves labor, and can remove manure many times a day, greatly reducing the respiratory diseases of chickens.
  5. The feeding is centralized, reducing the exposure of staff in the chicken house, which is conducive to the prevention and control of chicken diseases. The size of the chicken coop can be designed and planned according to the size of the chicken house.

Now we know the characteristics of automatic chicken raising equipment, these equipment is the key to building a fully automated chicken farm, which can effectively save human and material resources. So if you want to involve in the chicken raising industry, you can know the features first, then put your effect according to the real situation.

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