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How to maintain battery cages?

After a long time using of battery cage, the maintenance is necessary, here I want to explain how to maintain battery cages according to the main different systems of battery cages.

Drinking system

The water supply equipment can use the automatic drinking water device to raise chickens. This drinking device is hung from the ceiling by a rope and a sling. The top water inlet is connected to the main water pipe through a hose, and the water flows into the drinking tray through the control valve, which is both hygienic and water-saving.

Feeding system

Feeding troughs are mainly used for feeding equipment, and long troughs are used for caged chickens. Automatic feeding with feeders and chain feeders can be used for flat chickens or feed barrels. Chickens should use feed trays, and the shape of the feed trough affects whether the feed is fully utilized.

A layer chicken cage

Climate controlling system

Incandescent lamps are currently widely used in lighting equipment. Many chicken farms have installed timers to automatically control lights on and off, rather than manually turning lights on and off, ensuring accurate and reliable lighting timing. It can also be illuminated by fluorescent tubes that face the ceiling through which the light is reflected to the ground. The diffused light is soft and even.

Mechanical ventilation must be used in the closed battery cages with ventilation equipment to solve the problem of ventilation and cooling in summer. There are two types of mechanical ventilation: air supply and exhaust. Air supply ventilation is to use a ventilator to force fresh air into the battery cages, so that a positive pressure is formed in the battery cages and the dirty air is discharged; negative pressure is formed. Fresh air equipment is mainly introduced into the battery cages through the air inlet.   

The above is the maintenance method of chicken raising equipment. It is recommended to protect it after use, which is also beneficial to prolong the service life of the battery cages.