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Should Chicken Raising Equipment Choose Domestic or Foreign?

There is a saying in China that “No chicken can’t be a feast”. The popularity of foreign fast food has greatly accelerated the rapid development of the poultry industry. The poultry farming equipment market has also risen. The current poultry farming equipment can be roughly divided into two categories, imported equipment and domestic equipment. The two types of equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages. The imported equipment has excellent quality and high technology content, but the price is not very close to the people. Although the domestic equipment is very advantageous in price, it is inevitable that it is not satisfactory in actual production and use. Some domestic large-scale breeding enterprises and foreign enterprises tend to use imported equipment, while general-scale breeding farms use domestic equipment. Which equipment is suitable to choose? The scale of farming and the operation of capital investment are the first issues that all investors consider. 

chicken raising equipment
chicken raising equipment

Two types of chicken raising equipment

When it comes to investing in chicken farms, there are two hottest words now, one is “scale” and the other is “sustainable”. The characteristics of large-scale farming are the large number of populations, the high degree of automation of farming equipment, and the enterpriseization of farms. Here we emphasize the “automation” of farming equipment, not “mechanization”. At present, the poultry raising equipment of domestic large-scale farms can basically be mechanized, such as the use of traveling feeders. There are many breeders who think that the use of trucks frees people from the heavy labor of carrying feed bags to feed chickens every day, but this feeding method cannot adapt to the large-scale production needs of chicken farms with tens of thousands of chickens . “When to feed? How much to feed? How to feed uniformly?” are all big questions. That is to say, poultry farming equipment must realize automatic operation after mechanization, in order to match the “large-scale” farms.

The “sustainable” development of chicken raising has been proposed a few years ago, but the fact that automated farming equipment can also contribute to sustainable development has been gradually recognized in the use of equipment in recent years. The use of automated breeding equipment can greatly improve the breeding environment of the chicken house. With the improved breeding environment, the overall health of the flock will be improved, and the resistance to disease will also be improved, virtually reducing the use of drugs. And the establishment of the automated chicken house forms a relatively sealed small environment, which is conducive to the environmental control of the chicken farm. In addition, automated chicken cages save feed, fuel and other breeding resources.

chicken raising equipment cage

Differences between domestic and foreign automation equipment

First of all, foreign automated poultry farming equipment pays more attention to “machine” control rather than “human” control. As we all know, manpower is more expensive in Western countries, and farming, a social activity that once required a lot of manpower, has now been replaced by machines and very few people. Therefore, the chicken farms in western countries are highly automated, and the chicken farms are even unmanned on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. In a chicken house with a very high stocking density, when to heat up, when to ventilate, when to feed, when to control light, etc. These daily work of the house is determined by the central control computer of the house, and issues instructions to control other equipment completed. Due to precise control, the data of farms in developed countries is not good, and the ratio of feed to meat and feed to egg is relatively high.

Although this is not necessarily related to the automation of breeding equipment, it can indeed greatly promote the development of the breeding equipment industry. If the financing channels are more diverse and convenient, the establishment of large-scale farms will be easier to achieve. Fully automated farming equipment will surely become the first choice for investors. If there is demand, there will be a market, and the market determines the product orientation. The breeding equipment industry will also take advantage of the east wind of large-scale farms to develop better. The automation of domestic poultry farming equipment is only a gap in time. This automation road has already begun to take shape, and it will eventually become longer and longer in the near future.