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Causes and Treatment Measures of Egg Drop from Laying Hens

Laying hens often drop eggs for many reasons. The reasons should be found in time and measures should be taken in time to ensure egg production. In view of the causes and treatment measures of egg drop from laying hens, we briefly summarize some experiences to share with you.

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Why do laying hens drop eggs?

The influence of feeding and management factors

  1. If the stocking density is too high, the weight will be difficult to reach the standard, which will directly affect the brooding, egg production rate and the quality of the bred chickens.
  2. The environmental work and disinfection work of the chicken house are not in place, which is easy to cause bacteria to breed, causing the reproductive organs to be damaged by bacteria for a long time and causing diseases, thus affecting the egg production rate of laying hens.
  3. The effective position of the feeding trough and the drinking fountain is not enough, so that the chickens can only drink water and eat in turn, resulting in insufficient nutrition intake of the chickens, which will cause the quality and uniformity of the chickens to decline, and will also be accompanied by the egg production rate. Decline.
  4. Poor ventilation leads to foul air and excessive ammonia smell in the chicken house. Living in such an environment for a long time will cause the chickens to be in a state of disease, which will seriously affect the growth and development of the chickens and the egg production rate of the laying hens.
  5. The light is unstable or the light intensity is not enough. Under normal circumstances, the daily light of the laying hens needs to reach about 16 hours to meet the needs of the peak egg production period. The unstable light or insufficient light intensity will cause the egg production rate of the flock. It has certain influence, and the lights must be turned on and off on time when filling light, and cannot be changed at will.
egg drops of laying hens

The influence of nutritional factors of laying hens

  1. Frequent feed replacement. Gradual transition is required when replacing feed. Remember not to replace directly or replace the feed too frequently, which will cause the chickens to be stressed, resulting in egg drops.
  2. Incomplete nutrition. The nutrition of laying hens is the primary condition to ensure the egg production rate of the flock. If the nutrition is low, it will not meet the requirements of high production. If sufficient calcium and protein are not supplemented in time after the start of production, loss of calcium and protein will also occur the case of egg drops.
  3. Mildew of the feed. The mildewed feed not only reduces the nutritional quality, but also the toxic substances in it will affect the health of the flock, so fresh feed should be fed, and a mildew remover should be added to the feed.

The influence of disease factors of laying hens

  1. Salpingitis and oophoritis diseases.This kind of disease is a direct factor that causes laying hens to drop eggs, especially in farms with poor breeding environment and inadequate disinfection work.
  2. Infectious diseases.Invisible infection of certain diseases, for example, improper immunization of Newcastle disease before laying hens starts to cause chickens to be infected with latent Newcastle disease, or frequent careless disinfection of chicken houses, which can also cause large intestine infections. The existence of bacillary disease; mild influenza, infectious bronchitis in chicks, etc. often cause serious damage to the reproductive system.
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The influence of other factors

  1. Variety factor: Bad chicks often drop eggs during the laying period, so it is crucial to choose high-quality chicks.
  2. Drug poisoning: For laying hens, there are contraindicated drugs, especially in disease prevention or treatment, such as sulfonamides and those containing sulfonamide synergists, aminophylline, which have an effect on calcium ion synthesis. Irreversible damage to the reproductive system caused by drugs such as chlortetracycline, etc.
  3. The unreasonable arrangement of the peak period of egg production: the peak egg production of laying hens is generally 25-35 weeks old, and the egg production rate can generally reach more than 85%. Entering the peak period too early or too late will cause laying hens to drop eggs.
  4. The same chicken house enters different batches of chickens: different batches of chickens are of different age, feeding management, disease prevention and control measures, and different lighting systems also have considerable differences in egg production. According to the same feeding will not only cause egg drop, but will seriously cause the egg production rate of the entire chicken house to drop.

How to deal with egg drop from laying hens?

There are many reasons for laying hens to drop eggs, so it is necessary to find the cause first and then solve the problem.

  1. If it is caused by improper feeding and management, it needs to be scientifically adjusted.
    1) Reasonable feed nutrition
    The feed during the laying period should be balanced in nutrition according to the nutritional needs of different varieties, so as to maximize the laying performance of laying hens. The feed during the laying period should not be easily replaced, and should be gradually replaced when it is really necessary.
    2) Strengthen feeding management
    To strengthen ventilation, it is necessary to do a good job of thermal insulation and cold protection, but also can not ignore ventilation. Improve environmental conditions, ensure ventilation, temperature and humidity. Improve the body’s own resistance, reduce stress factors.
  2. The disease requires symptomatic treatment.
    For laying hens whose other conditions are normal and only drop eggs, Zengdanling can be used for treatment, and the symptoms of laying hens should be observed.
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