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A type layer chicken cage sent to Southeast Asia Country

Most Southeast Asian countries have a common feature: they are all places close to the ocean, with only two or three seasons a year, high temperature, high humidity, and abundant rainfall. Therefore, laying hens in most areas use two-layer open chicken houses: due to climatic reasons, the safety of the house will be a challenge if the workload of using a closed-loop control system in the house is too great. The open chicken house is a choice that combines local climatic conditions and comprehensive factors such as reducing costs and ensuring the safety of the chicken house.

project of Asia layer chicken cage

Customer uses 4 tires layer cage system. Cage size is 121 * 12.5 * (1.6 + 1.6) meters( length * width * height. The lower 1.6 meters is a concrete structure, and the upper is a steel structure. Therefore, chicken manure can fall directly to the ground without chicken manure pollution. Combined with the high temperature in Southeast Asia, manure can be evaporated more quickly, which is convenient for the end of a single breeding cycle, and the bottom layer is cleaned with a manure collector.

layer chicken cage project
layer chicken cage project