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Issues about Installation of Automatic Layer Chicken Cage Equipment

A very important project for modern chicken raising is automatic layer chicken cage equipment. As a manufacturer, AGICO believes that not only the technology of layer chicken cages must be recognized by farmers, but also great attention should be paid to the installation of layer chicken cage equipment. The following are a few points that need to be paid attention to in the installation and construction of layer chicken cage equipment, I hope it will be helpful to customers.

layer chicken cage egg collecting equipment

What should be paid attention in the installation of layer chicken cage equipment?

  1. It is strictly forbidden to observe the operation status of the automatic layer chicken cage equipment and open the relevant maintenance ports for maintenance during the operation of the automatic layer chicken cage equipment. If you do need to see the operation during this process, it should be done in accordance with regulations and equipped with protective measures.
  2. When checking and maintaining, first make sure to disconnect the main power switch and block the main power switch to prevent unnecessary accidents.
  3. The installation, overhaul or maintenance of the electrical equipment related to layer chicken cageequipment needs to be operated by professional electrical operators according to the regulations, otherwise it may cause serious injury accidents.
  4. The protective parts of the equipment are an important part of the automatic layer chicken cage equipmentand should not be removed at will. If damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time.
  5. The machine head is equipped with two travel switches, when the rail wheel of the feeder meets any travel switch, it will stop running. Periodically check whether the travel switch is sensitive. If there is a fault, solve it in time.
  6. Operators should receive skill training and operate in strict accordance with relevant operating procedures.
  7. There are relevant safety operation warnings on the equipment, please pay attention and read them carefully when using or maintaining.

Automatic layer chicken cage equipment: a good helper to increase revenue

With the continuous development of the breeding industry, the methods and benefits of raising chickens have also been changing in recent years. Automatic layer chicken cage equipment can improve the efficiency of raising chickens. Many farmers do not understand the reason. The following will tell you how to improve efficiency.

layer chicken cage equipment

High density of raising chickens

The layer cage is one of the most popular equipment. It adopts a multi-layer breeding mode, that is, a large amount of breeding is increased in the same area of the chicken house, and the area of the chicken house is rationally used to increase the density of chickens.

Save feed

Using automatic layer chicken cage equipment to raise chickens, chickens live in a limited space for a long time and have a small range of activities, so there is less exercise and less energy consumption for laying hens, which can better absorb feed nutrients into the body, improve feed utilization, and reduce feed waste. And costs, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of chickens.

Reduce labor costs

Although the number of chickens raised by automatic layer chicken cage equipment is large, the required number of people will not increase or even decrease, because the chickens are raised in cages, and the fully automated management mode is more convenient for feeding and management.

The proportion of laying eggs in the off-season is high

Feed-to-egg ratio is the key to the benefits of breeding laying hens. Using chicken cages to raise laying hens can increase the feed-to-egg ratio, because raising laying hens in cages can well absorb the nutrients in the feed, so that they can exert better production performance, increase egg production, and increase the benefits of farmers raising chickens.