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What should know when transferring laying hens into chicken cages?

Nowadays, we generally use layer chicken cages to raise laying hens, which can provide laying hens with a relatively healthy and safe production environment, thereby improving the laying capacity of laying hens. The use of layer chicken cages can also reduce the spread and infection of diseases and play a role in facilitating management. When transferring the …

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Development Trend of Automatic Laying Hen Cage Equipment

About Development Trend of Automatic Laying Hen Cage Equipment As an important agricultural breeding project, looking at the domestic and foreign markets, there is still a lot of room for the development of the chicken industry. What is the future development trend of automatic layer cage equipment? 1. The breeding of laying hens in China is …

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Issues about Installation of Automatic Layer Chicken Cage Equipment

A very important project for modern chicken raising is automatic layer chicken cage equipment. As a manufacturer, AGICO believes that not only the technology of layer chicken cages must be recognized by farmers, but also great attention should be paid to the installation of layer chicken cage equipment. The following are a few points that need to be paid …

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What are the Symptoms of Heatstroke in Laying Hen Cages and How to Treat?

The symptoms of laying hens are very obvious after heatstroke in laying hens, with reduced feed intake, increased water intake, and respiratory symptoms. It is found that the laying hens that have suffered heatstroke need to be treated as soon as possible to be well controlled. In addition, in the high temperature summer, do a …

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Causes and Treatment Measures of Egg Drop from Laying Hens

Laying hens often drop eggs for many reasons. The reasons should be found in time and measures should be taken in time to ensure egg production. In view of the causes and treatment measures of egg drop from laying hens, we briefly summarize some experiences to share with you. Why do laying hens drop eggs? The …

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Should Chicken Raising Equipment Choose Domestic or Foreign?

There is a saying in China that “No chicken can’t be a feast”. The popularity of foreign fast food has greatly accelerated the rapid development of the poultry industry. The poultry farming equipment market has also risen. The current poultry farming equipment can be roughly divided into two categories, imported equipment and domestic equipment. The …

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Introduction of Five Commonly Used Feed Additives for Chickens

Generally speaking, there are many chicken feed additives, like antibiotic additives, deworming health additives, antioxidants, mildew inhibitors, Chinese herbal medicine additives, hormones, and enzyme preparations etc. Although these additives do not contain the nutrients required by chickens, they are of great benefit to promoting the growth and development of chickens, improving egg production, enhancing disease resistance and feed …

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What is the Future Market of Automatic Layer Chicken Cage?

In recent years, the profit of the chicken industry has continued to be high, and the demand for eggs at home and abroad is very large, so the development trend of the laying hen industry is relatively good, so what is the future of automatic layer chicken cage? Small-scale farmers generally have a set of …

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What is the Future Prospect of Laying Hen Farming?

Intelligent farming will become an industry trend Layering Hen Breeding Model Innovation It is undeniable that in recent years, the number of small-scale farmers with a breeding scale of laying hen less than 1,000 has been declining, and the family workshop farming method is becoming less and less profitable, and most of them exist in …

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Issues about Battery Cage for Layers You Should Know

three types of cage nets for battery cage for layers: Generally speaking, there are currently three types of cage nets for battery cage for layers: The size of the first cage net is 1950mm*410mm*450mm, each cage is divided into five grids, each grid can breed 4 chickens, and each group can breed 160 chickens on four …

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